Principal Euphonium

Our Principal Euphonium player is moving on to GUS after Butlins. We will therefore have a vacancy. Are you able to join us? We have a sensible programme of engagements (about 12 a year) with about 6 contests.

If you feel confident in your ability to lead the section in the 1st Section please contact Sue Blunt on 07847 805825 or by email to

Assistant Principal Cornet

We anticipate a vacancy shortly and therefore seek interest in the position of Assistant Principal Cornet. Following a successful year in the 2nd section we are looking forward to competing in the 1st Section in 2019. Rehearsals are Tuesdays in Loughton.

Please contact Sue Blunt on 07847 805825 or by email
Happy to consider experience or sheer talent which we could nurture in an enjoyable environment.

Please contact us if you fancy dropping in to one of our rehearsals for a ‘blow’ with a welcoming group of musicians

MK Brass prefers to operate with extra players on the books to cover cover concerts when absences are unavoidable, and we do have players happy to step down at contests.

Rehearsals are in Loughton, Milton Keynes, MK5 8FA.


Please contact Sue Blunt to discuss any vacancies as soon as possible, either by email to or by phone on 07847 805825 for more information about the band.