3: Into the 1st Section!

Practice is going well and I have attended several rehearsals with the band – the Development Band of MK Brass. Feeling more confident now and face is definitely hurting less…No horses and the Rondo is coming on greatly…

Development Band so far has been a great experience and I have been asked to play Solo Horn to cover parts for a few pieces we have been playing – exposed, challenging solos in “I dreamed a Dream” and Mr Jums and has been really good fun. Splitting those top A’s are not so good but it is all still a learning curve!!

And then…I was asked to cover the Second Horn chair in MK Brass whilst the normal player was away on holiday!! Well…okay…If you really want me to…yes.

No really, I was flattered but filled somewhat with an air of trepidation. Well that is to say nervous. I know it is better to have someone on a chair than to have it empty but I was only 4 weeks in to a fledging re-career!! It was said to me that to get to the right standard to play with MK Brass it should take between 12-18 months of practice and hard work and I was given this as bit of a challenge. Motivational talk you may say. Keeping at that a first section standard would then take work and commitment

A First Section Band wanted me to cover a chair – wow…Well I had played with the band 12 years ago (then called Broseley Brass) but not with them as a First Section Band.

The first rehearsal was again daunting – I felt them same as I did four weeks previously turning up to my first rehearsal with Development Band after 12 years. This wasn’t my first rehearsal but it was with MK Brass (I thought in my head that it was bizzare – I was given 12-18th months to get to play with them and now I was to play with them after a month).

Nervous I felt, very, very nervous…

Further thoughts crept in to my head – Okay just remember everything you have re-learned and enjoy – pull pin and throw!! We started with hymns to get warmed up and then on to a piece of music with 5 sharps!!!!! A total baptism by fire and the weird thing is that I managed to play at least 60% of the piece. After rehearsal I was later quoted as saying “I think I have played four notes tonight!!” meaning that I felt happy I was able to play something and contribute, happy that I was asked to play to cover a chair; but it has opened my eyes a little further to the gulf I need to jump in order to play with the big boys and girls….First Section here I come!!!! Well….